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“ At the time of this review, Lilac Love is only available at Harrods and Russia.However, I’m sure it will be released worldwide later.

To be precise, the gooeyiness of the gooey fruitchouli molasses, the thickness of the vanilla custard, and the almost jarring strength of chocolate powder keep interfering with the recreation, diluting it so that the quasi-pretend-faux “lilac” that is gradually coalescing feels as though it were a mirage at a great distance.

It’s the supposed, blurry prize that you reach only after going through a long tunnel built out of completely unrelated materials in such thick, solid “bricks” that they determine one’s immediate reality far more than the Piccaso-esque distortion at the end.

There is another issue as well: I find chocolate “lilac” florals to be quite a disconcerting combination, and I say that as someone who loves chocolate notes in perfumery almost as much as lilac.

The strong chocolate and fruitchouli suffocate what is (theoretically) meant to be the main focus of the scent.

The vanilla used in Lilac Love does the same thing, too, even though that note should work perfectly since lilacs have an inherent vanillic quality to their powdered sweetness. When combined with the cocoa, gooey patchouli, and the jammy roses of the opening, the overall effect is akin to piling heavy, wintry velvet brocade one atop the other over the merest wisp of a translucent, pastel, spring-like chiffon: it’s going to get buried.


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