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Who is bess armstrong dating

She, however, overcame with grief after her first son Luke Allen came on earth a year later. The family was ready for yet another good news when Samuel Chase was born on 16 July 1991.There are some handful of celebs who live an attractive family life same as depicted in the reel life; Bess is one of them." As she leaves, the revelation proves to be too much for Hortense to bear and she suffers a fatal heart attack and dies.After Hortense's funeral, which Maxine, Pagan and Judy all attend and where she witnesses the extent of their estrangement from one another, Lili inveigles herself in the lives of the three women, promising each of them something of value: for Judy, an exclusive interview for her magazine; to Pagan, a very sizable donation to her cancer society charity and for Maxine, to stop dating her son.", addressed to her three maternal candidates — Pagan Trelawney (Brooke Adams), Judy Hale (Bess Armstrong) and Maxine Pascal (Arielle Dombasle) — was named the best line in television history by TV Guide in its 1993 issue celebrating 40 years of television.

Knowing it means ruin for the unwed mother, the three make a pact to protect her identity.

The estranged couple could hardly manage to be together and divorced soon in 1984 stating some kind of irreconcilable differences.

The duo, however, hasn't explained all the details about the actual reason behind the separation.

An attempt by the school's headmaster Monsieur Chardin (Herbert Lom) to expel the girls is thwarted when they unearth photographs of him in a homosexual tryst with the school's chauffeur, Paul (Jonathan Hyde).

They blackmail Chardin into allowing them to stay and graduating them with honors. On their behalf, Maxine's aunt, Hortense Boutin (Angela Lansbury), agrees to pay money to Felix and Angelina Dersaad, a French couple who consent to raise the child.


  1. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong collaborations Louis Armstrong mingles with Grace. Ella and Louis Again, and Porgy and Bess all as "terrific albums".

  2. Bess Armstrong latest news including Bess Armstrong photos, dating gossip and videos.

  3. American actress Bess Armstrong has been married twice and is a mother of two Children. Her first Marriage ended in a Divorce but is still living a blissful Relationship with the second Husband.

  4. Bess Armstrong profile and personal facts about family, relationship, early life and success story.

  5. Bess Armstrong Brooke Adams Arielle Dombasle Phoebe Cates. to stop dating her son. But she also intends to ruin them if they do not reveal which of them is her.

  6. Feb 26, 2017 Elizabeth Key Bess Armstrong born December 11, 1953 is an American film, stage and television actress. She is best known for her roles in films The Four

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