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This concept not only applies to what you can disclose about your clients or your organisations outside of work, but also what can be shared in network meetings.What information can be shared with other organisations, who shares it and how this information is given out should be clearly defined in any effective, professional service. A policy is a course of action or guidelines to be followed whereas a procedure is the ‘nitty gritty’ of the policy, outlining what has to be done to implement the policy.For example, a staff recruitment policy could involve the following procedures: Activity Most community service organisations will have in place policies and procedures that govern and regulate privacy and confidentiality of client information.

Policies and procedures must reflect legislation and ethical standards of the community services sector.

Apparently one of the clients became very distressed and ran away, leave the night staff very perplexed.

Lack of adherence to policy and procedure can cause embarrassing blunders that damage your own professional reputation and even worse, cause harm and unnecessary angst for the clients.

In other words, it is about ensuring that clients are accepted into the service on the basis of clear transparent eligibility criteria and that they have a clear understanding of what is involved in accessing the service.

Policy and procedures regarding this issue should contain guidelines about: The more transparent the process from the start, the more likely a service will attract appropriate referrals, prospective clients will be treated equally, clients will have realistic expectations and be empowered to seek the support they need. The more organised, systematic and thorough you are in the initial entry and assessment process, the less capacity for misunderstandings later on.


  1. Updating security procedures and scheduling audits is crucial in determining the security of an establishment such as an college. Both are a great way to.

  2. Improve enterprise security patch management best practices in your. Make a list of all the security controls. Patching and updating.

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