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Transas updating service

If you are interested in finding out more about AVCS, please contact your preferred chart agent or visit the find a chart agent page to locate your closest distributor.

Find an ADMIRALTY Chart Agent The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) provides the widest official ENC coverage available, enabling ships to navigate on ECDIS for the entirety of most major routes on a single chart service.

AVCS is delivered in industry standard S-63 / S-57 formats, guaranteeing compatibility with all type-approved ECDIS sold today.

Please see the Specifications tab for a list of systems that are also compatible with the ADMIRALTY Information Overlay.

Find out more about ECDIS compatibility here ​ For maximum convenience, AVCS ENCs can be ordered in predefined transit, regional or port folios (groupings of ENCs).

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Simply buy the licences to unlock the charts needed for a voyage, when and for as long as they are needed.This certificate can be used for local inspections and confirms that all Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) in AVCS satisfy the chart carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V.AVCS meets the latest mandated data protection standard from the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), which helps to reduce the risk of both data piracy and the distribution of unofficial, dangerous data to mariners.These electronic updates reduce time and effort spent making manual updates to paper charts, minimise the risk of human error and help to ensure compliance with Flag and Port State requirements.AVCS contains accurate and official maritime data that meets industry S-63 and S-57 formats All ships using AVCS on board receive a UKHO certificate.This includes links to the AVCS Online Updating Service software, as well as cancelled and replaced folios.The AVCS Online Updating Service provides immediate access to the latest digital chart updates for subscribers of the AVCS service.AIO can be displayed as a single layer on top of ENCs on the majority of ECDIS currently being sold, and also on back-of-bridge software, including ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station.All AVCS customers receive the unique AIO at no extra cost.This coverage includes 4,000 of the biggest ports worldwide, of which we offer unique coverage for over 130.All AVCS customers are supplied with weekly electronic updates via internet download, email or disc - ensuring that bridge crews and shore-based teams have access to complete and up-to-date information.


  1. Transas TX-97 Electronic Vector. Transas provides very flexible maintenance service. Subscribers have the option to download corrections and updates from the.

  2. Admiralty vector chart service with transas ecdis, using the admiralty vector chart. updates transas manual chart updates what do you do to start reading transas

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