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Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times viewed that a major problem with the film is that it takes seriously the advice given in the book it is based upon, commenting that such an approach "might have worked as a screwball comedy or a satire, but can you believe for a moment in characters naive enough to actually live their lives following Steve Harvey's advice?

When the men learn that the women are hooked on Harvey's advice, they try to turn the tables on their mates, which later seems to backfire. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 53%, based on 96 reviews, with an average rating of 5.6/10, and the site's critical consensus states, "In Think Like a Man, an otherwise standard rom-com is partially elevated by a committed—and attractive—cast, resulting in a funny take on modern romance".The mindset he has and the frame he projects makes women suspicious.They have to test him more, they have to screen him thoroughly, and they have to qualify him.They’ll reject a quality guy, they’ll say no to “sex”, and they’ll walk away from a guy completely because they understand (and experience) that there will always be another attractive male trying to be in their life; there will always be another attractive male trying to sleep with them.That’s the difference between the mindset of guys who aren’t successful with women and the mindset of attractive women and men who are.For one reason or another I’ve been getting approached by women more than I ever have in my life. “Do you know how to get to “ 34th Street” – while we’re on 34th Street.Women have been approaching me indirectly and asking me questions to some of the most obvious questions. Right after I’d tell them, they’d always seem to linger around for about 5-7 seconds, waiting on me to continue the conversation.A young girl without the proper guidance or role models can instantly view that as her ticket to success.We all know that beauty fades, so when the looks wear off and even younger women replace them, what will we be left with?And when they finally see something different, they may just take their shot, just as we men do. Learn to walk away while there are still options left.It’s easy to walk away when you’ve tried everything else; that’s not abundance.


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