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He confirmed tests of a new intercontinental ballistic missile complex (ICBM) codenamed Sarmat.Weighing more than 200 tonnes, the system has an increased range over its predecessor, and is able to fly at minimal altitude, he claimed.In the US, it covered the country's largest prison strike in history when others ignored it.Find genuine fun and intimacy with disabled singles.He said: “The Kremlin knows this too, so why the hysteria?Perhaps it has something to do with the huge losses sustained by Russian mercenaries in Syria last month.” For political commentator and former Kremlin advisor Gleb Pavlovsky, writing on social media, it was today, after an absent election campaign, that Mr Putin finally found his purpose.

RT lends a tremendous amount of coverage to marginalised issues in the West.

“We don't regard that as the behaviour of a responsible international player.” Igor Sutyagin, a military expert at the Royal United Services Institute, an international defence and security think tank based in London, suggested the announcements by Mr Putin amounted to little more than “horror stories”.

Issues of production lines, finance and science made many of the technical claims suspect, he said.

RUSSIA' S military is developing terrifying new weapons which use powerful radio-electronic pulses to lay waste to cities and military attack and defence systems.

The electro-magnetic missiles can disable all electronics turning tanks and radars into nothing more than “a heap of scrap metal” which leaves troops completely exposed.


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