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Restore iphone without updating to 6 1 3

Then, connect your i Phone to computer with a USB cable.When your device is detected by i Tunes, go to "Device", click on your i Phone then choose "Restore" in the "Summary" tab.If you experience the error on your i OS device, here’s how you can quickly resolve it so that i Tunes will function with the restore or i OS update as intended.This applies to all versions of i Tunes on both Mac and Windows PC, here’s how to resole the error.You can also delete the IP’s and their associated domains, but that isn’t entirely necessary.For most users, the 3194 error is encountered because at some point in time, they used a jailbreak utility to modify their i OS device, and in that process of modification the jailbreak tweak modified the hosts file thereby blocking Apple’s servers.Or better yet, just let i Tunes or i OS update itself without trying to use the firmware files manually.If you need them, you can get the latest versions of i Phone firmware, i Pad firmware, and i Pod touch firmware directly from Apple.

It is very important to keep your i Phone updated in order to keep it working properly.

For those who want to know, the IP address being temporarily used and re-associating gs.with is saurik’s (of Cydia fame) signing server.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the whole hosts file situation, click here for a walkthrough on the process, demonstrating how to make changes to hosts and how to make those changes take effect if they are not instantly recognized by the OS.

In more rare occurrences, Error 3194 can happen when there is an unrelated connectivity problem between the client and host server during an i OS upgrade or restore.

In those cases, usually attempting again in another minute or two will let the issue sort itself out and things will be working again as usual.


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