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Popular dating show in china

Especially if it is against foreign men dating Chinese women.

To be fair he was quite upfront about it in the interview.

Australians especially enjoy the look on the faces of the rejected men: 2) The Contestants Are Hilariously Straightforward 3) The Host is Awesome Australians really like host Meng Fei's bluntness, like the time he asked a male contestant, “Don't you understand that girls don't like you?

” 4) The English Subtitles Are Funny Sometimes the context changes with the use of English subtitles, making the show even funnier.

Most Aussies couldn't care less about a stupid Chinese dating show.

Jun 05, 2015 Why such a bitter person about 4% of the people that are overflowing Australia?

This entry was posted on February 26, 2012, in Uncategorized and tagged China, 百里挑一, dating, 非诚勿扰, 谁能百里挑一, If you are the one, Jiangsu TV, love, Ma Nuo, matchmaking, Mother-In-Law looks at Daughter-in-law, Mother-In-Law looks at Son-in-law, one child policy, One out of 100, SBN, Who can one out of 100, 婆婆看媳妇, 丈母娘看女婿. In the 1980s and 1990s, China had a very strict one child policy, especially in the major cities like Shanghai.

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Check out some of the most popular and funny ones below!For instance, when Ma Nuo was asked by a candidate whether she would like to go for a bicycle ride, she responded “ Unfortunately, for those interested in this show, there have been some significant changes made due to complaints on how the show was degrading social values.Ratings have been significantly down since the changes.After this brief introduction, the ladies can choose to press a button to turn off their light if they have no interest in the guy.After 3 rounds of questions, if there are still any girls interested and he likes one of them, a match is made.The ladies are then given the opportunity to remain interested or switch off their lights behind the candidate’s back.Moving onto the second round, the candidate then voices his requirements for a girlfriend.For as much schlock as there is on American TV, Chinese TV is even worse.(非诚勿扰) is a television dating game show on Jiangsu Satellite Television, one of China's most popular TV networks.The show's title, directly translated to "if you're not serious, then don't bother me," reflects the direct and to-the-point attitude that has made the program so popular since it first debuted in early 2010.Since they are the sole descendants, the family wealth is taken for granted to be theirs.Love is not only hard to find, because family wealth needs to be measured for potential partners, but also because of the hectic lifestyles Chinese youth lead.


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