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If you explore your inner self long and carefully enough, you can figure out why you are so attracted.

Suggested considerations: you grew up watching 1970's movie, where the girls in pantyhose were the fun, easily sexual kind, had gorgeous legs, and because of the pantyhose, knew they could wear REALLY short skirts without having stocking tops and garters showing. But a flash of traditional garter under a modest skirt and I’m a goner. Since you love them so much, how about buying a pair to touch, try, enjoy?

I went for affordability instead of a fancy name,” he says.

It was quite scary, but I already had my blogging audience who were like "Yh we really want to see a video".

They're nude with a black seam, but have a stitching under the foot, that you can see up to the ankle. Plus if you get a hole in one stocking leg, you don't have to throw out the other stocking - it can be a backup for another pair. After they were done he said,"Gee, honey, if I'd have known you was that tight, I'd have taken more time."She replied,"If I knew we had more time, I'd have taken off my pantie hose."Hmm…

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Since my early teen years, I have always been stimulated by a woman in skirt and hose... I am glad to see a minor trend back to women wearing hose again! They are back now, so I'm back in style...I ever cared if I was in style. I was raised to wear them, and I think they look so ladylike and pristine in old movies. Actually LSB, its a New England version of freeing Willy :)This all reminds me of the old joke, when nylons were rationed for the war effort, and women would use 'pencil to draw in the line down the hamstring to look like they had nylons:a) what's worse than lipstick on his collar?I've got to stop laughing - especially now people make remixes of my laugh and I find them and I’m like "Oh God"featured in the magazine—can I wear them without shorts?And with spandex, everyone can vividly see the outline of your penis.And they end up in jails, in homeless shelters – and families are torn apart." Those small, quiet tragedies don't usually make headlines.Standing there, I wondered about the state of our mental health system.Even in a pair of slim sweats, I worry about showing too much of the little Style Guy.Tights are an entirely different—and not to be attempted—beast.Back in my salsa-dancing days, I wore nude hose that had a fishnet-type design, only bigger. I have thick thighs and when you dance salsa, you want to show your legs off! Nice opaque tights are OK though, and a great look in winter (plus they keep your legs warm). b)pencil lines on his back.:)Perhaps the nylon attraction is due to their ability to reveal the curve of the hamstring, cover up varicose veins, and nylons are typically worn by professionals, who can be more attractive to some men than the random floozy.If you haven't seen them, you'd really like Cuban stockings. mr:tracking Code=CFB0EA0E-A65F-DF11-9DA0-002219319097&mr:referral ID=NAI hope to be able to wear my heels again before next Christmas! Stockings - especially Cuban heels and fishnets = much more comfy, and more guys like those! He raised her skirt and started getting it on with her. I don't really understand this for two reasons.But this—this pressing issue at hand—is extremely tricky.


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