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Dating someone over 18 law heroin dating

I am divorced, father lives 3 hours away, still in Ohio. I was seeking Ohio Law regarding Dating of Minors so that I could take that to our Psychology Appt. I found a note that the guy wrote my daughter during her visit to Chicago...The 19 year old showed up at my ex's home in July during his visitation (Surprise Visit! My ex husband is promoting & encouraging the relationship. He wrote "I loved being wrapped up in a blanket, how warm it was & how I never wanted it to end."."Dating" could get him charged with 'contributing to the delinquency of a minor' by parents that object.In some states the age of consent is 16 or 17, but that is only for 16 or 17 year olds (respectively)having sex with others at or older than people the age of consent and below 18.I fear it may be soon, as he has her for a long weekend over Thanksgiving & a week over the Christmas Holidays.I am afraid he will rape her or try to take it to another level.You can always get married, if he's interested, and your Mom approves; you would have to visit a marriage counselor and a judge.

It may be illegal, but, in the end, what do you want?

We are able to guide and solve the cases efficiently. Re: Is it illegal to date someone 18 and over if you're 16 years of age? In Florida, for example, a 16-18 year old may legally consent to have sex with a person under the age of 24.

We also have channel partners in various other countries also. Re: Is it illegal to date someone 18 and over if you're 16 years of age? Having sex will get him charged with statutory rape.

It is not illegal to date, just a felony for HIM to have any kind of sexual activity with you. Re: Is it illegal to date someone 18 and over if you're 16 years of age?

If you really love him, you will not put him at such a risk. And for all those who will jump to chastise me for allegedly putting the responsibility on you for this adult's potential criminal acts, I say HE did not write here for advice. There are many cases of true love that began at your young age and the marriage lasted fifty years and more. You can date but not in a obsence or distruct the public.


  1. What is the law about dating someone underage? Is it true that when a guy or girl is 16 she/he can date someone over the age of 18?

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