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Dating nigeria stella adams

These scammers emphasize the need for urgency, leaving no time for verification.

Victims are asked to submit their bank details and in some cases are also asked to pay a fee for successful completion of the transfer process.

Ghana scammers adopt a wise and different technique in order to obtain the victims bank details.

They claim to be lawyers overseas, and send you emails stating that a person sharing your family name has died and has left behind lump sum money which will be going to the government if no nominees or relatives are found.

One of the most recent spots in the world right now for scams is Africa and specifically Ghana.

Phishing is a technique employed by spammers and hackers to gather web user's personal information to steal their identities and then their money or benefits. Phishing emails that are suspected to be from Ghana are mainly mails of ecommerce websites that send away phishing emails to vast number of users.

Scammers from Ghana use all types of phishing techniques in order to make a scam operation successful.

Example: On 22nd June 215, Ghana police reported Ghana job scam that offered fake recruitment letters to 500 young men and women.

Out of curiosity, users tend to click on the link and enter information about them.

Scammers use this information to steal bank details, passwords and identity.


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