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In Colin Powell's autobiography "My American Journey," he wrote of his tour of duty in West Germany in 1958 that for " ...

black GIs, especially those out of the South, Germany was a breath of freedom — they could go where they wanted, eat where they wanted and date whom they wanted, just like other people.

The Nazis' racial purity laws also targeted gypsies (Roma), homosexuals, people with mental disabilities and black people.

Both the American writer and civil rights activist W. They later wrote that they experienced far less discrimination in Germany than they had in the U. When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1932, the racist policies of the Nazis impacted other groups besides the Jews.The relatively low numbers of black people in Germany, their wide dispersal across the country and the Nazis' focus on the Jews were some factors that made it possible for many black Germans to survive the war.The next influx of black people to Germany came in the wake of World War II when many African-American GIs were stationed in Germany.One report by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance estimates there are 200,000 to 300,000 black people living in Germany, although other sources guess that number is higher, upwards of 800,000.Regardless of the specific numbers, which don't exist, black people are a minority in Germany, but they still are present and have played an important role in the country's history. Some historians claim that the first, sizable influx of Africans came to Germany from Germany's African colonies in the 19th century.Prussia's South West African colony was the site of the first mass genocide committed by Germans in the 20th century.In 1904, German colonial troops countered a revolt with the massacre of three-quarters of the Herero population in what is now Namibia.Estimates vary, but by the 1920s, there were about 10,000 to 25,000 black people in Germany, most of them in Berlin or other metropolitan areas.Until the Nazis came to power, black musicians and other entertainers were a popular element of the nightlife scene in Berlin and other large cities.Which is disappointing, because they are really adorable. According to folklore, good kids get their stockings filled.Bad kids get a bag of ashes and a beating from good old Saint Nick. Once you marry a German, the holiday season will never be the same again.


  1. Apr 24, 2017. Often on social media, when discussions about the dating game come up and how it truly sucks to be an African American single woman in your forties, marginally attractive black men are quick to chime with “You need to choose better or expand your circle.” Negro please. A lot of these niggas ain't worth.

  2. Oct 10, 2017. Young Woman Sitting On Tree Trunk. Roland Stollner. Some black people living in Germany today can claim ancestry dating back five generations to that time. Yet Prussia's. The children of German women and black GIs in Germany were called "occupation children” Besatzungskinder — or worse.

  3. Results 1 - 20 of 186. Faithfulness to one's partner remains an important value; honesty, directness and politeness in communication are usually common features of these singles, so what woman wouldn't like to date a man who has all this going for him? Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in west-central Europe.

  4. Apr 1, 2009. are german women racists? i want to know why german women never date black,asian or latino men!are german women racists,or they fear german men agression in the streets if they date a person of.

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