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Dating and marriage culture

By the standards of some parts of the world, Canada is not a country with a lot of particularly flashy folk traditions — which isn’t to say none exist.In general, it’s the aging process, and the various “key dates” that occur as a Canadian moves from adolescence to adulthood that tend to be the most celebrated and ritualized moments in mainstream Canadian culture, with each important date home to its own rich array of customs.The creation of families is a huge core teaching of the LDS religion.This can be great, and I have seen that it often encourages families to spend more time together.In recent years, birthdays have risen to become one of the most tradition-rich spectacles of contemporary Canadian culture.During childhood, most parents will arrange birthday parties for their children on the special day (or the closest available weekend), a fun excuse for the birthday boy or girl to gather up all their schoolyard buddies and spend the afternoon hanging out.Canadian traditions also tend to be closely tied to the country’s various holidays, which are discussed in more detail in that chapter.

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LDS beliefs encourage people to begin families to grow their church.

Canadian couples will generally announce their pregnancy with great pride to friends and family as soon as they’re aware, and it’s common for girlfriends of the expecting mother to organize a baby shower – a small, lighthearted house party – to honour the new mom sometime before she gives birth.

Shortly after the child is born, it’s similarly customary for friends of the parents to visit and give at least one baby gift, usually a toy or clothes, to express congratulations.

I have this vivid memory of planning what age exactly I would get married.

I don’t recall exactly how old I was at the time, but I decided that 21 seemed right and began to count down.


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