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Even the Muslims respected the ideals of the Crusades and the piety of the men who fought them. “The Crusades” generally refers to the set of seven distinct campaigns over a 150 year period (A. 1099 to 1254) that were enacted to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim control.

But that all changed with the Protestant Reformation. Since the birth of Islam under Muhammad, Muslims had fought to bring the world under their control.

However, while there certainly were misdeeds performed during the Crusades – – the larger issue is whether or not the Church in general – or even the Crusades in particular – were at fault for such acts. It was in the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century that the current view of the Crusades was born.” Even after the Reformation / Enlightenment period, the Crusades were not looked upon in a negative light.

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Islam got off to a weak start under Muhammad until violence became the .

After a few centuries of conquest, though, Islam had spread to North Africa, the Middle East, Asia Minor, and into Spain.


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