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The neighbourhood was old, so he worried about trespassers. Unsettled, he stood at the kitchen window looking out at the full moonlight bathing half the backyard. ” At his words, the other’s face lifted in surprise. Jake cast around the yard as if help might be close.

An old elm loomed over the north corner of the untended space. He watched the figure intruding on his property for some time. A young man, probably still a teenager, sat holding his knees in the shadows. The young man looked back at Jake, passed a hand over his eyes, and then collapsed back against the rough bark of the tree. The young man was exposed to the chill night air, except for cotton boxers and loose singlet. The old woman next door complained about the addicts. He turned back to the young man, despite the fever, he had begun shivering in the cold September air.“Can you stand up son?

Jake figured he probably needed to take his medications soon.

It was enough to get the young man as far as the living room couch.

Will intruded on his thoughts, “I'm tired.” It was a good distraction. He tried his best to be polite to the old woman, and left as quickly as he could.He was just a young university student heading home on the last train of the day.There was an urgency as he paced back and forth on the platform waiting for the train to leave. The station master came out to warn the gathering passengers that there would be a delay.His studies no longer mattered, the only thing that mattered was getting home now. He had hated himself through the long agony of the war. He panicked and rushed back into the station to find a telephone.The exchange seemed to take forever to pass him through.The boy had not seen much of him since the day he moved in. Chris turned away as soon as the man left the window. The sense of well being was just a wistful whisper haunting him now.Before long, the painful craving would begin to build.He sank to the floor sobbing with his back to the wall.It didn't matter if the curious travellers saw him. Jake woke one late summer night thinking he heard teenage boys whispering and giggling in the bedroom across the hall. It was likely his visitor had wandered away stoned from some party.There was no movement, so Jake decided to go out and check. When Jake squatted close, he discovered the stranger was drenched in cold sweat. ” There was no response, so Jake took a deep breath and slipped his arms under the man’s, and with a heave, pulled him up onto unsteady feet. The older man stood, feeling the life of the teenager against his body.Jake brushed back a wet tangle of bangs from his forehead and felt the fever. The closeness, and exertion from rising quickly, left his own heart pounding. “Right, now let's get you into the house where it's warm.” , Jake decided to take things one step at a time.


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  4. Jake woke one late summer night thinking he heard teenage boys whispering and giggling in the bedroom across the hall. The neighbourhood was old, so

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